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Value Proposition

Our clients are successful and affluent individuals and they didn’t get where they are by sitting on the sidelines and watching the world go by. They became wealthy by doing the same thing in a different way, or by doing something new that no one had ever thought of. We work best by aligning with people of like minds-people who seek this kind of continual growth. It’s time to increase the control you have over your own wealth by increasing your awareness of what’s available.

Combination of Purpose And Growth

The affluent generally have access to two types of relationships. Some have a steady-eddy advisor who’s trustworthy but tends to be in the dark when it comes to new ideas. We call this Consistency of Purpose. Or, they get pitched on new ideas all the time but there’s no grounding about whether the ideas will take root and stand the test of time. New ideas, or what we call Continual Growth, are great, but not without some grey hair and due diligence.

We’ve realized that our value comes from combining these two factors-Consistency of Purpose and Continual Growth. We made a commitment a long time ago to a specific niche- combining the capital markets, tax strategies, and financial products to create compelling results for affluent families. Other firms may do a deal or two a year but they haven’t made a commitment to live in this world every day. Because this is all we do, we look for opportunities that have the potential for increased returns with limited downside risk.

Choose to Know™

This reinforces the mantra we established a few years ago, “Choose to Know™"; Our clients are a network of highly successful, intelligent people who live their lives by being “In the Know.”

As one of our clients said: “Teegarden Financial Corporation is experienced in knowing what I want and need, are trustworthy, and have the expertise and relationships to provide measurable, value-added results, at the cheapest possible costs.” This is Choose to Know™