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Life Insurance Solutions

Lots Of People Think They Hate Life Insurance

Often what they hate is the confusion or the annual price tag that accompanies their existing policy. Those are the circumstances, not the facts.

The fact is that life insurance is one of the most underutilized assets in every individuals portfolio. On paper, in black and white, it performs better than just about any stock you’ll ever purchase. When life insurance is structured correctly, the internal rates of return are exceptional.

Knowing When to call in a specialist

In an industry of generalists and one stop shops, we have chosen to do one thing exceedingly well: develop and implement financial transactions combining the capital markets and life insurance.

This complex niche requires an investment of time, talent and research. It requires a deep belief in the value of combining these tools—the capital markets and life insurance—to create substantial value for the consumer. It’s a belief so deep that our firm spent years creating relationships and learning the technical specifics required to execute these transactions.

The Necessity of Active Management

Most people don’t realize that life insurance requires active management—just like any other asset in your portfolio. The industry has evolved dramatically over the years, creating better pricing and increased internal efficiencies in their policies …

Due to the improved economics in life insurance contracts, many families who purchased policies more than five years ago are paying premiums that are unnecessarily high.


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