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Choose To Know™ Solutions

It’s often said than an innovative combination of facts and circumstances can reveal brilliant new truths not previously available. We have spent years developing solutions for our clients that combine the capital markets, tax strategies, and other financial instruments. Because we work exclusively in this arena, the professionals in the capital markets, insurance, and legal community nationwide see us as their professional peers. When we bring a deal to the table, they roll up their sleeves and get into the minutia to make sure it’s exceedingly solid and achieves the best possible result for our clients.

Most clients don’t have a coordinated and comprehensive approach to managing their wealth. Why? Typically, they have one or two trusted advisors that are excellent at some things, but don’t have the expertise and experience in high-end wealth advisory that covers the bases from a tax, legal, and investment planning standpoint. This is where we come in. We’ve found the difference in having this work done, and having it done as well as it could be, is often priceless.

Whether we are working in a consulting or transactional role, we make sure all the pieces fit together. The art to this type of planning is figuring out what structures are available that meet your overall objectives, then implementing them in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our process involves a mutual interview through which you can ask questions and get the facts without smoke and mirrors. Simultaneously, we assess whether there’s an opportunity for you to profit from our work. Our experience gives us an inherent ability to know if there’s a real deal at hand. In fact, we’ll tell you quickly if we can’t work for you— and expect the same from you.


Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Cash flow analysis
Asset-Backed Insurance Lending (ABIL™) Solution
Multigenerational Split-dollar Plans
Family Limited Partnerships
Life insurance premium financing solutions
Intra-family Sale/Loan Structures
Installment sales to defective grantor trust/SCINs
CLT/Roth Conversion Combo
SPIA/Life IDIT Solution (SPLIDIT™)

Business Planning

Executive compensation programs
Multi-life Cash Stream (MLCS™)
Captive Insurance Companies
Buy/Sell Planning
Succession Planning
Exit Planning
Monetize Your CRT
Kai-Zen Financed Executive Insurance Solution